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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if a campground has availability?

The easiest way is to select the campground from the drop down menu and then click on the ‘On a Calendar’ view button. The Calendar view will show you availability for the selected campground. It will also allow you to scroll the dates to see the whole season at a glance.

All the sites on the grid show restrictions. What does this mean?

A site that shows as yellow on the map, calendar or list means that the site is available for the dates you have selected, but that the site does not meet your current reservation preferences. If you click on the site details it will show you what is restricting the site. It is usually the reservation type, equipment size or party size. If you have used the More Search Preferences, these options will also affect the site restrictions.

How do I cancel my reservation?

You have to log in to cancel a booking. Click the My Reservations option and log in using your email address and password. You can then select the booking you want to change or cancel by clicking on the Details link. You will then see the details of the booking and have the option to change, cancel or print the reservation using the quick links on the right.

Why can’t I book Divide on my first night?

Realistically people cannot make it safely to Divide on their first night. This causes an overflow situation at Grizzly Lake. Too many campers has a huge impact on the delicate alpine environment and has a negative impact on the visitor experience.

Why can I book Talus on my first night then?

Talus Lake is a helicopter landing site. Some people choose to take a helicopter flight as their access into this backcountry area.

I tried to book one site for my family of five but I couldn’t. Why?

The tent pads are small and suitable only for a 1-3 person tent. Limiting the party size on a tent pad will reduce crowding and negative environmental impact around the tent pads, ensuring protection for the environment and a more enjoyable wilderness experience.

Do I have to carry my food in a bear canister?

The bear canisters are necessary so that the bears cannot access the food in the canister. This would lead to a food conditioned bear and would possibly and more likely become a problem bear. This is why the barrels are round without any handles so the bear cannot get a good hold of it and get into the canister. Sometimes there is not enough space in the bear proof lockers at the campgrounds, therefore the only security is having a bear canister.

These can be rented for a fully refundable deposit at the Interpretive Centre. We do offer plastic bags and recommend that people use ziplock bags in the canisters to 'help' mask the smell but the reality is that the bear can smell that food.

For more information, we recommend reading Staying Safe in Bear Country, available on the Environment Yukon website and at all Yukon Visitor Information centres.

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